Mining 40 years of unfinished works and collected materials, my studio has recently become an archeological site. I’ve set out to re-purpose the sluggish build-up – to shake things up.

The electricity is still on. There must be life. But these concoctions of failed past work and studio detritus just can’t be mobilized. Lowbrow gender references are colonized by jerry rigged scaffolding unaware it may become dislodged at any moment. Things appear to be slowly falling apart. Indeed, it is difficult to know if these are ruins or works in progress. Perhaps some of us keep our equilibrium better than others when looking down the abyss.

For the past forty years my practice has been concerned with social issues, cultural phenomenon, chance situations, and psychological narrative. I look for those slippages and entanglements of object, language and place through which we locate our own identity. Most recently my sculptures and installations explore dislocation and border crossings: presence/absence, public/private, male/female, poverty/privileged.